Unda Numbers


UNDA NUMBERS: An Energetic Journey To Homeostasis and Wellness

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UNDA Numbers: An Energetic Journey to Homeostasis and Wellness

This book is an update from the first UNDA Numbers book that I wrote in 1999. I added a considerable amount of clarity to information in the introduction section as well as adding a brief overview and discussion of miasms. In the section that discusses each of the individual numbers, I updated and changed the descriptions of the individual remedies within each number. The remedies are now discussed in terms of primary action, secondary action and tertiary action. This change should help you as you use the text to provide prescriptions for your patients. It will also help clarify why and how each remedy is so effective for such a wide variety of systems.

I changed the name of the text  to emphasize that UNDA Numbers are not simply another modality to try when treating a patient. The information is an attempt to help you understand the UNDA Numbers from the aspect of their help in supporting a patient's Journey to Homeostasis and Wellness.


This original version of the book book was written as a result of my own journey in the practice of medicine.   During the last few of 12 successful years as a dentist, I became increasingly interested in doing more for my patients. On many occasions my dental patients had common health ailments that responded well to lifestyle changes I had suggested. This motivated me to seek further education and I enrolled in Naturopathic College. I took to heart what was taught, and became a believer in the value of a healthy lifestyle, nutritional supplements, herbal, homeopathic, and physical medicines, both for my own health and that of my patients. 

            However as the years passed, I was frustrated by conditions that I felt should have responded more favorably to my chosen treatments. One classic example was the use of glucosamine sulfate in the treatment of arthritis. Like many other physicians, I found, as the research suggested, that in 4-6 weeks, the patients would report an improvement in symptoms, specifically decreased pain. Unfortunately, I also discovered that if the patients discontinued the therapy, the pain would often return. This pattern was repeated over and over in many patients. As a result of this, it became evident that this was not a real solution to the patient's problems. It provided only a palliative therapy and thus was not successful in actually reversing the disease state.

My discovery of Biotherapeutic drainage changed the way I practice. Not only does the theory blend perfectly with the principles of Naturopathic medicine, but my results with patients dramatically improved.  I have found that often, I am able to reverse the disease state, not just palliate symptoms.  Additionally, over time this therapy is more cost effective for patients than many other Naturopathic and allopathic treatments currently available.  My continuous study of this approach to medicine, along with experience with thousands of patients over the past several years, has led me to this point of sharing what I have learned.

The text will provide an overview of drainage, followed by an introduction to the UNDA Numbers.  A detailed study of each of the remedies is outlined.  The appendix includes additional information important for you and your patients to successfully use the treatments presented.

We are living in a time when the costs and successes of conventional, allopathic medicine and alternative medicine are coming into question. Drainage, as outlined, is a therapy that will improve your results with almost all your patients and enhance your practice of medicine.


This book is a must for anyone who is new to this modality and will be using UNDA numbers to support their patients (or themselves).